Medication Management

We accept most insurances (with the exception of Medicare, currently) for our medication management services. If you would like to be considered for this service, please continue reviewing the following information.

Our medication managers work collaboratively with our psychologists and therapists to ensure continuity of care for all of our patients. New patients will initially speak with our nursing administration staff for a brief screening and to determine the most appropriate level of care. This may include an appointment with one of our psychologists, who may recommend neuropsychological evaluation prior to being scheduled for medication management. Please see our Neuropsychological Evaluation/Diagnostic Assessment section for further information regarding this service. Ongoing participation in outpatient therapy may also be recommended depending on the treatment needs of the patient.

For new patients who are transferring their medication management from elsewhere: Please understand that new appointments at PLC will not be scheduled until your medical records are received at our facility. This time frame depends greatly on how quickly your previously providing clinician/facility is able to transfer these records.

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Additional Services

Psychology and Learning Center is committed to providing quality, affirming, individualized behavioral and mental health services to individuals of all ages and from all walks of life.

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Our evaluations are typically conducted over three sessions.

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We currently have a number of therapists ready to support you or your child.

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Medication Management

Medication management is an effective tool in treating mental health symptoms.

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Interaction Therapy

PCIT is a short-term therapy designed for young children, aged two through seven.

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Our services help teach a child various skills to manage difficulties in their life.

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Our groups are usually comprised of 5 to 10 individuals who meet face to face.

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Our groups are usually comprised of 5 to 10 individuals who meet face to face.